Top Tips to Exercise Your Way to Youth


Fitness is a very important characteristic that has to be taken care of by the person to stay young for a long time. In the recent days, the bioage is a concept that is liked by many people. This age is not calculated from the date of birth, but it is based on the fitness of the person. This might be shocking, but the truth is most people check the bioage when they are older than the original value.

About Bioage

The bioage will be calculated based on the following factors, and they are given below.

First is the health. In this part, the following features will be checked, and they are blood pressure, the functioning of lungs and heart, height to waist ratio, BMI and so on.

Next is the lifestyle of the person. One has to make sure the person is leading a lifestyle that will be improving the health rather than depleting it. For example, the person should avoid activities like smoking, taking drugs, drinking alcohol and so on as all these activities will damage various organs in the body like lungs, kidney, liver, heart and so on.

The last feature is the fitness. The fitness of the person will be maintained only if a person takes nutritious food, exercise regularly and stay active.

The fitness of a person will be identified on the basis of following features like core strength, overall strength, cardiovascular fitness, agility and flexibility in the body. Each of this will be based on various organs in the body only if they are fit the activity can be completed in a perfect manner. Numerous tests will be done to the person according to their performance the age can be determined.

When the age of the person is more than the original value it has to be, then make sure the fitness and other required characters are improved by practicing on a regular basis. Many people have an idea joking the gym will make them fitter, but this is not the truth. Each and every body type will have its own requirement that has to be tackled only by proper planning.

Details On Agility

Agility is something in which no compromise is advisable. This is a task that will help a person to maintain or regain the lost strength of younger feel in mind and body. Agility is a characteristic that will include the following reflexes, fitness, co-ordination, balance and reactions. There are many reasons that will make a person lose agility, and some of them are detailed below.
Aging is a prime reason for this trouble as most of the body parts, and the organs will start to lose its original strength with years passing by.

The brain is the most complicated circuit that a person can ever come across. With age, the reaction times and the other reasoning skills will start to reduce in a considerable manner. For example, the muscle mass will also start to reduce with age if a person does not concentrate on it properly. So sending the signals and the speed of movement will be affected.

The memory power will also be affected which is not a very good sign of health. In order to maintain or improve the negative effects in the body due to loss of agility, the agility drill comes handy. Do shuttle drill at the run. It is a very simple activity where two cones will be separated by 25 meters, and the person has to run between them. In order to improve the activity, the cones can be set in the star shape to make the person run in different directions. The speed ladder and hexagon drills are also a very good option to make.

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