Tips to Effective Food Dehydration


Food is the source of energy for mankind, and it is necessary for a person to take regular meals that are filled with essential nutrition. There are many types of food available in the market, but not all the food will be healthy. So following the proper diet plan is essential. Food dehydration is a common method used by many people in order to store food for a considerably long time. In fact, this is said to be a healthier method when compared to the latest preservative methods.

Here, the water content in the food will be dried so that the possibility of germ development shall be controlled efficiently. In fact, it will be easy to save the food from getting spoiled. This method will not affect the nutritional value of the food item, so this can be used in all possible food ingredients. Since this procedure does not use any type of chemical or preservative, it is suitable for all people. An added advantage of food dehydration is this will lock the flavors of the food in a proper manner making it sweeter and dark in color. So the taste will be better. Vacuum sealers also help and we found a great resource that covers what is the best vacuum sealer topic.

Different Drying Methods

Sun Drying: This is a very efficient way to remove water as the heat of the sun will be handy here. This is the cheapest method and the only requirement here is the day should be sunny. Food items like herbs and tomatoes shall be dehydrated in this method. Summer season is the time when this activity shall be done.

Over Drying: This will be an efficient way to dehydrate the food items like nuts and sliced vegetables by removing the moisture in them. This method will be preferred by the people who do not own an electric dehydrator. The temperature should be set for 90 degrees or below that. A tip that will be handy here is the oven door shall be left open while doing the process as this will allow good air circulation that will bring the moisture out. According to the crunchiness required, the drying time shall vary.

Electric Dehydrating: This is an excellent way to do the work as the electric dehydrators are said to be energy efficient. Since the procedure will happen at very low temperatures, the nutritional value of the food will be maintained. There will be a fan in this device that will help the air circulation to be steady. Using and cleaning this device is simple.

Tips To Dehydrate The Food

Always buy a fresh ingredient that will be available in bulk quantity at a low price so that it can be used year-round after it is dehydrated properly. Never buy spoilt or damaged food. While cutting the ingredient, make sure it is done in a uniform manner. It will be better to make small slices as this will make the drying quick and easier. Arrange the ingredient evenly on the food tray so that the processing is done properly. Blanching can be done in certain cases to keep the color and flavor of the food intact. If necessary, salt, spice or sweet marination can be done for the food.

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