Cycling your Way to Winter Wellness

Cycling your Way to Winter WellnessIt is winter, and you may wish to enjoy the cool monsoon by riding your cycle. The cycling session can be made appealing if you do some preparations in advance. Though winter does not remain outdoor friendly, you can still get out in your tracks for cycling. Here sharing tips that will help you pedal without tension or fear.

Purchase special cycling gloves. The wooly ones are not suitable for cycling. It is best to use exclusive cycling gloves as it is not bulky and help you in giving a good feeling. It remains comfortable when controlling the brakes and bikes. They can even be washed in dishwashing machines and come out fine. Ensure to purchase long finger cycling gloves (windproof gloves).

The cycle lights have to be tested in daylight. If you can see from long distances, it will help you on dull days or dark nights. It is necessary to use light whenever there is no visibility or poor visibility. It is not meant to be used only for a night.

The slip spots are dangerous, and you should know where it is seen mostly. The zebra crossing’s white parts, yellow or white lines, train or tram tracks or drains covers remain mostly sloppy during the winter season. You have to super careful when you are cycling on such spots. If you have landed on the ice, keep cycling without a break. Just follow a straight line and stop when you reach the destination. When you need to stop your bike, you have to apply gently and slowly place your foot down and try to balance your bike and body by staying in upright position.

It is best to take the cycle path if you are scared riding near the vehicles at night time. Search in Google for local cycle streets or parks and follow the lane.

Purchase de-icer spray. When riding the cycle in the winter season, the bike lock or small parts on the bike have chances to freeze solid. The spray will help in a great way while cycling.

The mudguards have to be fixed in your cycle. It will help you to remain splattered free after every ride.

The bike bags are comfortable than a backpack. When you wear a backpack, you will feel sweaty and can make you feel cold.

Winter cycling is not a tough task if you practice every day. Start the cycling habit slowly which you will get confidence as you drive along the way.

At the start, you can make use of public transportation. You can start to ride your bike after reaching a specific spot in the public transport.

Drive halfway to the park, work and you can use your bike for the remaining way.

Bike in alternate days or every day.

As a rider, you have to wear comfortable clothing and fuel for energy and warmth.

The bicycle should be in good condition. Ensure to maintain well by regular service and repairs.

There are chances to come across obstacles while riding. You have to remain cautious and know what to do if it occurs. The winter riding requires different skills than you apply in the warmer months.

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